Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don't Leave Home Without It: A Rentboy's Checklist

There are some key items that you must always remember to pack when venturing off to see a client. You won't use every item every time, but just remember what that overly-friendly Boy Scout Troop leader taught you: Be Prepared.

Here's my list, (in no particular order):

Good lube.
Condoms (both regular & XL).
An excuse to leave (if need be).
Colgate Wisps (best invention since silicone-based lube).
Mace (ya never know).
A casual outfit (jeans & a hoodie are your best bet).
Baby wipes.
Cell phone.
GPS or really good directions including the hotel room number.
Hair gel.
And most importantly: Swagger.

This is a good list to live by. But ALWAYS remember to LEAVE YOUR DIGNITY AT HOME. If you bring it with you, you're bound to leave it at some trick's hotel room and never see it again. Trust me, it happened with my favorite pair of sunglasses. Avoid that. You can pick up your dignity at home after you're done working.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Lazy Hooker?

Seems that I've been a "lazy hooker" lately - the last client I've seen was nearly a month ago when I was in NYC. My lack of work/blogging since then is a bit ironic, considering I was named "Hooker Blog of the Month" by The

Well, I'm happy to report that I'm still here, and I have a regular client that I'll be seeing late tonight. Yay!

As I've blogged about before, there is total flexibility when you do something like this. You can do it when you want, take a break when you want, etc. You have no boss - and I've generally found that clients are patient. If you tell regulars that you're taking some time off or that you're going out of town for a bit, they get it. The client I'm seeing tonight has been in contact trying to connect for a while. I called him back this afternoon to see if he wanted to get together, and there you have it - a date is made.

Thanks to all of you for the great comments you've been leaving both here and on my Twitter. Much love to ya!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My NYC Trip (a paid vacation)

Well folks, I survived. Even more, I had a great trip to the Big Apple! I’m sitting here on my Jetblue flight back to Cali watching the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News (I know a lot of you will hate me for that, but anyone who really knows me knows that I’m a right-wing talk radio & Fox News freak – keep your enemies close, boys). I also listen to Dr. Laura everyday. EVERYDAY. I actually agree with a lot – not all – but a lot of her views. Alas, that’s another blog for another day and I’m sure neither O’Reilly nor Dr. Laura would condone any the contents of this posting – or this entire blog for that matter.

SO! On to the fun stuff…

I arrived at JFK yesterday after a wonderfully pleasant flight. My client (let’s call him LJ) picked me up from the Jamaica Station Air Train station in his silver MB. As I walked up to his car, butterflies were going crazy in my stomach. I got in and immediately he started chatting – asked me about my flight, offered me a bottle of water – a very sweet, pleasant man. And boy oh boy did he TALK! His voice – true story – sounds exactly like Michael Savage (shit, that’s another right-wing radio reference, but it’s true!). That’s all I could think the entire time he talked.

He’s a lawyer, apparently a very big name lawyer in the NY area. He mentioned several big name clients of his that I was very familiar with thanks to ET and TMZ. He spent the entire car ride from Jamaica Station to Times Square talking about his job. Says he is extremely busy and has no time to travel although he would like to.

I asked him upfront why he would fly me all the way across the country when there are so many escorts here in NYC already. He said it was my main picture on my ad. It’s a shot of my ass (I must admit, it’s pretty hot – it’s all about the lighting! lol) and he said as soon as he saw that, he knew he had to meet me. He mentioned that he’s done this for other out-of-town escorts and it gives him a great thrill.

Eventually the car ride led us to the Manhattan Bridge. I have to say, this was a magical moment for me (pardon the melodrama, but I’m for real – it was incredible). The sun had set a little while before we got to the bridge, so as we crossed I saw the beautiful lights of the Manhattan island in front of me and the Brooklyn Bridge to my left. This is an incredible view, and at that moment all of my fear turned to absolute excitement. It became clear that this wasn’t some crazy guy – he was just some rich NY lawyer who wanted to fuck a boy from California – and I was happy to help him out.

We arrived in Times Square. He had me lug the larger of his two bags from the car into the hotel. As he went to the front desk to check in, I stopped in the enormous atrium lobby long enough to snap a photo of the elevators leading up to the top of the hotel. Beautiful.

We got up to room 2037 at the Marriot Marquis in New York City. As we walked in, I dropped the HEAVY bag at the door and quickly moved to the window – over looking the heart of Times Square. I was in awe. LJ came up behind me, rubbed my shoulders and whispered in my ear, “Beautiful, isn’t is, baby?”

Yes. It was.

Then he said he was going to wash up. He asked me to “Set this up,” and he dropped the heavy bag in front of the large window. I opened it to find a sling waiting to be assembled. Score!

I proceeded to set up the sling in the light of the very bright Times Square below. It didn’t take long. I got it up and jumped in it. He came out of the bathroom to find me laying in the sling smiling, “Perfect!” I exclaimed.

He brought out a bong and asked if I smoked. I said sure, and lit up and took a hit, then handed the bong to me. I got out of the sling and took a hit, and then the night turned really good.

He sat in the office chair at the desk and I knelled in front of him. His cock was hard… about 7.5” and thick – one of the thickest cocks I’ve seen yet. He had sent me a couple pictures of his cock before, but it never looked as big as it did in person.

I was on my knees in front of him and began to go down on that beautifully thick cock. And just as I started, that bong hit I took HIT me. DAMN! I don’t know what was in that weed but it made me incredibly horny! I wanted that cock more than I’ve ever wanted cock. It was almost like I had just taken a hit of fresh poppers, but I hadn’t! I was just extremely horny. I went crazy on his cock, deep throating him deeper than I thought was possible. He moaned and groaned as I took his cock deep in my throat and held it there – feeling it pulsing, getting even thicker in my throat. I pulled up and kissed the head of his cock to find huge amount of precum sticking to my lips… Mmmmm…

This went on for a while and he was in euphoria. “Where the hell did you learn how to suck cock like that?” he asked as I came up for air. I just smiled, and went back down – ever deeper, his meat filling my entire throat.

Eventually he stood up and had me jump into the sling, which was set up right next to the floor-to-ceiling window looking down onto Times Square. He slipped on a condom and lubed up my hole. I turned my head to the left and looked out to the bright lights and massive billboards. All of the sudden a huge, seven-story light-up billboard shows up above the blue NASDAQ sign. It was an ad for the new Dolce & Gabbana fragrance. And you know how all D&G ads are… naked hot guys! I stared into the eyes of the 7-story tall, shirtless, hot D&G model with his perfectly sculpted pecs and washboard abs. Just then, I felt LJ’s cock push inside of me – my legs suspended by stirrups at the top of the sling. He penetrated deep inside me as I groaned in pleasure, still staring out the window at my new D&G boyfriend.

(side note, Nick Swardson is now on my Jetblue TV – he’s hilarious!)

LJ must have fucked me for close to an hour in that sling. He went from hardcore, roughly fucking me, to gently swinging me onto his rock hard shaft, then back to ferociously plowing my hole - and I loved every minute of it. Eventually his breaths got deeper and deeper and it was clear he was about to blast a load. His grunts turned to screams and he was shooting deep inside my now-wide-open hole. Hot.

Once he caught his breath, he invited me to the bed to cuddle with him. I laid on my back and he laid on his side next to me, toying with my hole as I stoked my rock-hard cock. My hole was nice and wet from him fucking me, and he inserted his fingers - two and three at a time - into me as I rubbed my shaft closer and closer to climax. Finally he hit the spot and I felt my body clinch as I was about to explode. Finally my cock shot out a massive load of hot jizz all over my and his chest – some of it splatting onto my shoulder and neck. Whew….

We toweled off and he wrapped me up in his arms, his hairy chest resting against my bare back and his muscular arms holding me close. We laid there in bliss and soon dozed off, the bright Times Square billboards as our only source of light.

Not more than an hour later, I waken up by his hard cock pushing up against my backside. He was ready for more, and so was I. His goateed mouth kissed the back of my neck, prompting my soft cock to quickly grow into its erect, ready-to-go state. His pelvis moved in a grinding movement against my ass as I pushed back onto it, begging for him to go deep inside me once again. He grabbed my hip with his large hand and guided my ass back and forth. He reached to the nightstand, grabbed a condom and some lube and gently pushed inside me.

My ass had tightened up from before, and as his shaft penetrated my hole for the second time, I let out a loud gasp. Oh this felt good. That cock was inside me again and I loved it. I pushed back on it and began to fuck myself – deep. I lifted my right leg a bit to allow him to go deeper and continued to roll my ass back and forth up and down his shaft. With every thrust I felt that cock pulse against the walls of my pussy. I was hungry for more. I wanted that cock something fierce. He was all the way in me. Every part of my pussy was begging for more and I was in a state of complete pleasure.

My mind was far away – I wasn’t thinking about the average-looking 55-year-old New York lawyer inside me. Instead, I was imagining a hairy, beefy Italian daddy (no one in particular, just a fantasy) with a massive, thick Italian and perfectly olive skin tone.

Soon, I was ready to take more control. I climbed on top of this thick cock and started to ride it – hard. Straddling him, my back was to him and I was facing the foot of the bed and out the window (oh look – there’s that D&G ad again!). I rode that cock hard and fast. My feet planted, I squatted up and down, riding that cock like I was in a rodeo. The faster I rode the louder he got and soon I felt his body stiffen up and he shot a load as I took his cock as deep as possible. Just as he did that, I looked up to take one last look at my D&G boyfriend, imagined my Italian stallion deep inside my boy pussy, and BAM! I was shooting a second load all over the place as his cock gave a few final pulses inside my hole.

Whew. Soon after, I was asleep. I think I must have passed out right after I came – didn’t towel off or anything.

Next thing I know, LJ is gently waking me up. It’s 5:30am and he is fully dressed, bags packed. He kissees my forehead, lays a stack of fifteen $100 bills on the night stand next to me, and tells me I have the room until 2pm. “The key is on the table if you need to come and go. I definitely want to see you again. Have a safe flight home, baby,” he says.

Then, I heard the door close behind him. I was suddenly wide-awake. Mission accomplished. I survived, and I had fun! I quickly updated my Twitter page and a surge of adrenaline pulsed through my body. I was amazed at what had happened. I waked to the window and looked down as a small crowd began to form around the windows of ABC’s Times Square studio where Good Morning America was about to be broadcast live. Am I dreaming? Nope. This is my life.

The rest of my day was surreal. I attempted to meet up with my friend DJBakelite, but a combination of stupid cell phone service and limited time made that not work out. (Next time for sure!). I ended up journeying to Chelsea to a chill bar called The View. A hot Italian bartender (I swear he was identical to the daddy I had fantasized about last night) in a red tank top greeted me. I chatted with him and another bar patron who had just moved to NYC from Missouri. Very nice guys. I swore I’d only have 2 drinks, but then the hot Italian daddy bartender (I later found out he was really from Italy, moved here when he was 6) gave me a third drink on the house. I stayed longer than I should, enjoying every moment with my new friends, before I finally peeled myself away and headed for the airport.

I was the second to last one on the plane. Just about missed the flight, but I made it. And I’m pretty sure this guy sitting next to me here on the plane has been periodically peeking at this blog as I type it… and I think he’s uncomfortable…. STOP READING IT! Haha…

Okay, the live map says we’re above Southglenn, Colorado, so I think it’s time for me to wrap this up and get some shut-eye before I land in Oakland.

Much love to all my Twitter peeps and blog readers who’ve been tweeting me during my first “business” trip – you guys have totally been my traveling companions and I love hearing from you all!! Here’s to many more adventures! xoxoxo

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My First Traveling Gig: the flight to NYC

I’ve been promising an updated blog for a while now, and I’m finally doing it. Things have been very busy. My day job (yes, I have one) has been crazy, and I’ve had escort clients virtually every night in the past week. Right now I’m on my Jetblue flight to New York City catching up on Real Housewives of Atlanta and writing this blog.

Alright, so first I wanna vent a little about this NYC trip. I am actually very nervous. I’m flying here to meet a new client who wants me to spend a night with him at the Marriot Marquee. He’s maybe in his 50s and has a deep New Yorker accent. He first called me a couple months ago and left me a voicemail saying he wanted to fly me out to NYC for a night. I ignored the voicemail because I figured that sounded crazy – why would he want to spend money flying some escort across the country just for one night? Surely he could find plenty of local escorts (it IS New York City). But he was persistent. He called back a couple more times and sent me a few e-mails. I finally called him back and he explained that my style is different from a lot of the escorts around (something I still don’t believe), and that flying a boy across the country is part of the thrill for him. That’s all fine and dandy, but money is what really talks, and when he told me he would pay me an amount that will cover my entire mortgage payment this month, I couldn’t resist. So, I agreed, he booked my flight and here I am, flying to New York. Even as I type that, I giggle in disbelief.

Since he booked it a month ago or so, we’ve exchanged numerous e-mails. I’ve been sending him pictures, dirty e-mails, etc. He’s even sent me pictures of him. But aside from all that, I really don’t know this guy. Now, I meet new clients all the time - but the fact that I’m going to be 3,000 miles from home changes the game. What if something goes wrong? What if he’s a total freak? I don’t know anyone in NYC (aside from a favorite Twitter friend of mine, DJBakelite) – but seriously, that’s it. I’m sure it will be fine, but that nervous feeling I get in my stomach whenever I meet a new client is multiplied by 1,000 right now.

Enough scary talk. I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow. After our night together, he’s going to work and I have all day Friday to spend on my own in Manhattan. My flight doesn’t leave until 7pm. What’s a boy to do? Hopefully I’ll meet up with DJBakelite for a drink or lunch. Other than that I really don’t know. Any suggestions?

Ok, sounds like we’re starting our decent. NYC, here I come! Wish me luck…

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Viagra allows my mind to wander

As you may have read in some of my other posts, I have a good time doing what I do. I have some regular clients who I can't wait to see again - sexy ass fuckers. But I also have some clients that... well... don't excite me as much, for whatever reason.

Case in point, the client I had last night - a regular. He's a very nice guy, probably in his late 40s, average looking and a manager for a grocery store chain. He's very friendly - we usually sit in his living room for 10 or 15 minutes when I first arrive and talk about what's been happening in our lives since we last saw each other. I sit on the sofa, he sits in his recliner across the room. The conversation usually flows okay, but it has its awkward pauses every now and then. Really, this is the most stimulating part of the visit for me, which is perhaps why I let it linger a bit.

Then, he'll say "wanna go play?" I say, "absolutely!" and then he walks over to the stereo cabinet and turns on the most erection-killing music you've ever heard. And he doesn't just put it on low in the background... no, no... he BLASTS so loud that the floor shakes.

I know what you're thinking... the music can't be THAT bad. Oh... but it is. So bad in fact, that I made a mental note of the songs last night because I knew I had to blog about it. Ready? "Killing Me Softly with His Song" (the REALLY old version by Roberta Flack), "Hey Mickey You're So Fine" by Toni Basil, "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin, "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel, and then (from out of nowhere) "Summer Lovin" from Grease,

I lay on my back, legs above my head resting on the headboard as he ferociously licked my boy cunt, and my mind was miles away remembering that ridiculous Toni Basil video... what ever happened to her? I think I saw a special on VH1 abot her once. "Take My Breath Away" ... remember that song from Top Gun? I never really liked Tom Cruise much... and for some reason I always confused him with Patrick Swayze, but I liked Patrick Swayze much more... he really won be over with "Ghost." And oh how I loved Peter Garbiel... "Sledgehammer" is my favorite song of his... that part with the flute was rad.... and then Grease! I did that show when I was in high school - bad memories there... I didn't get the part I wanted, and I had a major crush on the boy who played Eugene... that's wierd... crushing on the guy who played the nerd. But he was cute!

By now the guy has a condom on and has been fucking me since the beginning of "Solsbury Hill" - and I realized how far gone I had been. Then I started to chuckle to myself about how I definitely need to blog about this when I get home - and before I could finish that thought, he pulled out and shot a load all over my stomach.

I may have been daydreaming, but thanks to my trusty 1/2 dose of Viagra I took before I showed up, he'll never knew.

I wonder what he'll play next time....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Hot Blog

Check out this blog if you haven't already. This fucker is HOT!